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Copywriter (freelance, part-time)

Need Talented Copywriter for Product Video Scripts  (FREELANCE, PART-TIME)

We’re looking for a talented copywriter to join our extended team. We need someone who can write top-level scripts for all types of product videos and all types of clients - explainer videos for tech platforms, story-based videos for healthcare services, social media ads for real estate apps, etc. Every tone, every format, every industry.

You will work with the Creative Director, Copy to come up with different creative concepts for each video and will be responsible for writing drafts and working with clients until final approval. Some of the products we work with are extremely technical (think AI, machine learning, No-SQL databases, etc), so similar experience with complex products or topics is preferred. 

Successful candidates will have: 
- Ability to write top-level script copy in all tones (conversational, inspiring, comedic, dramatic, etc.)
- Ability to write both VO narration (like for animation) and dialogue-based scripts (for live action)
- Ability to work on tight deadlines, going from initial meeting to full slate of story concepts in a few days
- Familiarity with tech world and emerging technologies
- Ability to turn highly complex topics into simple, compelling narratives

If interested, please submit the following to hello@thinkmojo.com:

- Resume
- At least five relevant video samples on which you were the primary writer. If possible, use the five to show a range of different tones and styles.
- If the videos were produced by an agency you worked with, please include the agency name. We will only contact them with your approval.

This is a freelance contractor position. 100% remote. Part-time only (for now). We are growing and will be looking for someone to grow with us down the road. 


We are Thinkmojo. We believe video is the body language of a brand. We put the Viewer Experience at the center of everything we do, partnering with the world’s top companies - like Slack, Google and Salesforce - to solve complex problems and deliver amazing customer experiences through video.  

Thinkmojo is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity. We seek creative minds from all backgrounds to join our teams, and we encourage our employees to bring their authentic, original, and best selves to work.