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We thrive on relationships at Thinkmojo, so when we got a call from our friends at NelsonCash, we answered. Their client, FICO needed help making video and after discussing the challenges of talking to such an enormous market about something so important, we knew we could help.

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When communicating with the masses, the words you use matter. That’s why we decided to test and develop our messaging in the market. We tested thousands of consumers and developed a clear message from our learnings. The resulting video speaks for itself.

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“Anytime you are trying to communicate with a large group about how they might be able to access liquidity, it’s best to not muck it up! FICO trusted us to get it right. “

Andrew Morrison

Partner, Thinkmojo

The Live Action Series

Next, the FICO team charged us with creating fun live-action content that would be launching at FICO World 2019 and meant to have further utility following the event. We developed a four video series that highlighted how FICO could help everyday purchasing experiences.

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