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The TV campaign that brings healthy home essentials to all.
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Grove is on a mission to transform home consumer goods into a positive force for human and environmental health. And that’s something Thinkmojo could get behind. So when their team reached out to see if we could help spread the word, we got to our drawing board and, together, conceptualized a TV campaign that could help change consumer habits.

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There were a lot of different benefits we wanted to highlight during the campaign. So in parallel to the commercials airing on TV we created longer customer stories for web ops along with a series of bite-sized social media nuggets to get the buzz keep on going.

Grove Customer story "Convenience"
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Grove Customer Story "We can do better"
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Grove Customer Story "No More Last Minute Store Runs"
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Grove Customer Story "A healthier home"
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“This campaign has yielded over 100 million views across channels – but more importantly has been changing consumer behavior for healthier families and for the environment.”

Andrew Morrison

Partner, Thinkmojo

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