Retail needed it, but it didn’t know it needed it. So we stepped in.
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Square famously makes these sleek retail consoles that enable anyone to accept credit cards. But they were also launching their super-smart analytics dashboard, and they wanted the world to know about it. So we created a TV spot to introduce Dashboard to the world and make it feel as sleek and intuitive as the consoles themselves.

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With that huge influx of people signing up from having watched the commercial, we wanted to make sure for everybody to stick around. So we crafted a video experience to make everybody feel welcome and give them the grand tour.

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All those simple objects against the minimalist layout make for an easy viewing experience. But it wasn’t so easy to put together. It took a fair amount of set shots, supporting animation, and general camera trickery to make the entire spot look continuous. But we knew that keeping the message quick and simple was the right move. After all, loan sharks are notoriously impatient.

“Working with brand guidelines and ensuring the aesthetic and the voice of tone are 100% aligned is a critical part of those types of projects.”
Ron Small – LA Director
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