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Most customer support videos are hard to watch. Like, I’m-only-watching-this-because-I’m-being-forced-to. But for Zendesk, that wouldn’t fly. Their brand is built on personal relationships, and these videos had to be an extension of that – human, authentic, helpful, even a bit fun. So they asked us if we could take their “What’s Good” series to the next level.

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What are Service Level Agreements?
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Introduction to Zendesk App
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Mastering Zendesk Connect
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Navigating Skill-Based Routing
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“We are able to significantly scale Zendesk’s video efforts – more or less becoming an extension of the team – all the while enhancing the actual viewer experience .”

Seb Lhomme

Creative Director, Thinkmojo

A lot of customer support videos focus on how the product works, which for software, can be incredibly technical. And boring. So instead, we focused on why the product works, creating stories that make product features feel relevant, human, necessary. From a visual standpoint, this meant highlighting the most essential elements while using a minimalist motion design that focused on value, not mechanics.

“Zendesk has some of the best branding in the biz, so we used that to our advantage – seamlessly incorporating their brand elements for a fun, consistent look.”

Andrew Morrison

Partner, Thinkmojo

Zendesk has a full-time video team, they just didn’t have the bandwidth to handle every project. So a big challenge was how to blend our vision and process. Which we did. Today, we continue to work as one team – executing not just the “What’s Good” series, but helping Zendesk launch other campaigns, like their new Partner Program.

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