Thinkmojo and MongoDB have been collaborating on video content for years, teaming up with various internal teams across the entire organization.


Making MongoDB's Brand Pop on Social.

We've been collaborating closely with MongoDB's brand team to develop video campaigns designed to boost engagement, and increase brand awareness across all social channels.

Introducing MongoDB Stitch.

Thinkmojo was asked to help create videos for MongoDB's new line of products: Stitch, a serverless platform that makes it easy to build cross-platform apps on top of MongoDB.
Introducing MongoDB Stitch

Partnership Ecosystem Series.

Our ongoing collaboration with the Partnership team to develop video content that highlights their ecosystem. The work is utilized across the program and aids in acquiring new partners while also guiding existing ones around benefits they can expect with MongoDB.

Making MongoDB World go round.

Thinkmojo helps tell the MongoDB story through looping animations, keynotes, advertisements and promos for and throughout the event. Cherry on top, we designed large-scale animations to illuminate TimeSquare screens.

Reaching Cloud9.

Since 2016, our ongoing partnership with MongoDB has provided full-on video strategies, generating a large bank of videos assets that supports the growth of the company across the entire brand and product lines. Today, the MongoDB database platform has been downloaded over 240 million times.

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