D2iQ Mesosphere

Previously known as Mesosphere, D2iQ is a major player in cloud-computing technology. Just ask their customers like Twitter and Airbnb. But their cloud tech is pretty complicated, and people don’t usually buy things that they don’t understand. Enter Thinkmojo.


Cloud computing complexity, simplified.


A lot of this stuff is pretty abstract. Like, how do you show a ‘task thread’ running through a machine? And what does a ‘container’ look like? Who knows? But more importantly, who cares? That was our challenge: making people care. So we worked closely with D2iQ's design team to create motion design that made all this abstract ‘stuff’ real and relatable. Not easy. But the important things rarely are.


The next step was to produce a video that brought cloud computing to the masses – making it understandable to Joe “I’m Not a Data Scientist” Schmoe. So we produced an engaging live-action video, weaving together some of D2iQ Mesosphere’s backstory with some big-time customer testimonials.

The reception has been great. Having a short and concise, overview video has done a lot for our user education.

John Ashenden

Head of Design, D2iQ Mesosphere

Pulling back the curtain.

We wanted to show what our product really. Thinkmojo brought a lot of expertise in telling the story in a compelling way.

Eryn Muetzel

Product Marketing, D2iQ Mesosphere

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