Thinkmojo powers Resilience's big debut marketing campaign as part of its brand-building video partnership.


The stakes of cybersecurity are high. By 2025, cybercrime is projected to cost organizations a staggering $10 trillion worldwide. In light of this urgency, Resilience tasked us with developing video strategies designed to jolt businesses into reconsidering their approach to cybersecurity. Our inaugural campaign, titled "Rewriting the Rules of Cyber Risk," shines a spotlight on Resilience's platform, elevating it into a robust defense against swiftly evolving digital threats.


The campaign includes a 30-second ad, four one-minute online pieces, and a two-minute explainer. Each video portrays a CEO (Laura Faye Smith) comically grappling with cyber threats and the solution, Resilience, in a relatable boardroom setting. This approach simplifies intricate cybersecurity concepts for all audiences and lets corporate viewers humorously relate to familiar conversations.

Scroll-stopping animations for social.

For social distribution, we designed mobile-first animations that not only seized attention but also conveyed the core message swiftly, ensuring it resonated before viewers could even think of scrolling away.

Behind the Scenes.

It takes a village, and in this case, a village of technicians, strategists and improve masters to pull these campaigns together. Camera, lights, action!
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