The product was amazing. But people didn’t get it. So Slack asked us to pioneer a new wave of product demos that could help change the way millions of people work.

Creating the original slack demo video.

"How is this fun chat app going to help my team?” Turns out, Slack had all these users, but few of them understood how to get the most out of the product. It’s like they’d built a Porsche but everyone was still driving it in first gear. Enter Thinkmojo and a new generation of product videos that would set the new standards for the entire SaaS market.


Our solution was to create a unique, engaging video series that mirrors the user experience, showing people all the wonderful ways that Slack can help their team.

This was deceptively challenging because quite frankly, most UI videos suck. They’re slow. They’re boring. They feel like school. To avoid this, we steered away from instructional content and focused instead on strategic narratives – why to use a feature versus simply how. It made a big difference. And viewers agreed.

Introduction to Slack channels
Setting up your team in Slack
Searching in Slack
Notifications in Slack
“It’s been exciting to see the view count grow while audience retention remains high throughout the video.”

Mari Ju – Growth Marketing, Slack

The videos racked up millions of views, with an unusual amount of viewers watching the entire thing – rare for any product video.

Meanwhile we kept working closely with Slack's internal teams on new product feature videos, testimonials, marketing launch videos as well Slack's official App Store videos for its much anticipated mobile app.

Searching in Slack
Slack Mobile Onboarding
“With millions of plays and a solid engagement rate, something’s clearly working.”

Meryl Ayres – Product Marketing, Wistia

Reaching unicorn level.

Through our collaboration, Slack has become the world’s most popular corporate chat app - going from just a few hundred thousand users when we first started working together to millions of them now. Today we have come full circle with Slack joining our other great partner, Salesforce.  

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