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Mesosphere is a major player in cloud-computing technology. Just ask their users like Twitter and Airbnb. But their service is pretty complicated, and people don’t usually buy (or invest in) things that they don’t understand. So they called us.

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Simplicity meets sophistication.

The real buyers for this kind of product are CIOs and Product Marketing Managers. A sophisticated group. But even they may not know about all the unique challenges that Mesosphere DC/OS solves. So our first task was to break it down, using a tight narrative and clean designs that made an otherwise abstract solution seem very, very real.

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“We wanted to show what our product is and what its benefits are. Thinkmojo brought a lot of expertise in telling the story in a compelling way.”

Eryn Muetzel

Product Marketing, Mesosphere

A lot of this stuff is pretty abstract. Like, how do you show a ‘task thread’ running through a machine? And what does a ‘container’ look like? Who knows? But more importantly, who cares? That was our challenge: making people care. So we worked closely with Mesosphere’s design team to create animation that made all this abstract ‘stuff’ real and relatable. Not easy. But the important things rarely are.

The next step was to produce a video that brought cloud computing to the masses – making it understandable to Joe “I’m Not a Data Scientist” Schmoe. So we produced an engaging live-action video, weaving together some of Mesosphere’s backstory with some big-time customer testimonials. It was a win.

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“The reception has been great. Having a short and concise, overview video has done a lot for our user education.”

John Ashenden Head of Design, Mesosphere

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