A partnership that works on so many levels.


Creating a long-term collaborative framework.

Cloudera has an ongoing need for video across their brand. But not every video has the same goals or requires the same budget.

So we created a video tiering system that enables us to quickly execute videos at different production levels, depending on the goal.

Fitting with the team.

Crafting videos for a company like Cloudera - which has a suite of incredibly complex technologies and platforms - requires input from several teams like product, marketing, and creative. Our task: design a creative process that incorporates everyone’s insight while still keeping productions on-time and on-budget.

Thought leadership pieces

Cloudera isn’t just selling next-gen products. They’re creating a movement within the tech industry that will define the next generation of data architecture. We’ve created high-level pieces to bring that vision to life. 

The product videos.

We’ve been creating videos for Cloudera’s full lineup of products and platforms, turning their complex offerings into clear, digestible content. 
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