Helping one of the most innovative healthcare brands streamline the patient experience.

Nailing the message - both internally and externally.

Like a lot of companies, Nexhealth’s product has been evolving. And they hadn’t quite figured out how to market their new value. So our first goal was to craft a message that could appeal to their customers (doctors, office managers) while unifying their sales team.

Maximizing Video Reach.

What's the point of creating a great video if it doesn't reach its target audience? To address this, our media team created a comprehensive suite of tailored versions optimized for all distribution channels, ensuring that the message reaches millions of people.

A hero video that elevates the brand.

When crafting the production, we took everything that makes Nexhealth’s brand so great - its sleek interface, impressive technology, and focus on people - and took them all up several notches. The result was a hero video that put a clear stake in the ground. 

Adding a human touch.

We’re always looking to maximize the value of every production. And since one of Nexhealth’s goals was to inspire their sales team, we crafted a slick behind-the-scenes video that would get their entire team pumped for the new launch.
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