Suite Studios

Building a brand universe for Suite Studio's first cross-channel marketing splash.


As a creative agency, it’s rare when we are the target audience for the videos that we produce. But that was exactly the case with Suite Studios. Their file sharing service is specifically built for creatives who share and work on big, bulky files. So when crafting this video campaign, we had to look in the mirror and ask ourselves: what would make us want to sign up for Suite?

Cloud Storage Meets Local Performance.

We designed a campaign aimed to captivate fellow creative teams. With assets tailored for the web, YouTube, and social media, the stack showcases Suite's powerful file-sharing technology, a must-try for any creative.

Catching Creativity in Action.

Creating fun 3D characters blends artistry and technology. From sketches to digital models, our animators breathe life into them, perfecting details like textures and lighting.

Developing compelling characters involves multiple iterations and evolving visions. Countless early sketches explore varied traits, although many don't make the final cut. Through continuous refinement, characters take shape with unique features and expressions. This iterative process enables our designers to experiment, leading to vibrant 3D characters in the digital realm.

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