How Automattic called Thinkmojo to help introduce WordPress 5.0, the biggest update to WordPress since its creation.


When we were approached by the Automattic team to help introduce WordPress 5.0 we were humbled and excited. WordPress is how many of us started to carve out our own little piece of the digital world by building our own sites. We were able to help represent the Automattic brand across multiple video projects including WP5.0 and Guttenberg.


Our first order of business was to create a video that would introduce the new WordPress 5.0 editor code-named "Gutenberg". The challenge was to showcase an entirely new editing experience built for media rich pages without showing the details of the UI, which was bound be iterated on. We focused on the ideas behind the new block-based editor as a unified creative mechanism that enables possibilities for content creation.

To do that, we drove the narratives visually through music and kinetic text. This also was our approach to represent Bebo Valdés, the jazz musician, from which WP 5.0 is named after.


We then created a video, this time featuring voice over, which helped break down the new block-based system for new users. The goal was to convey how it feels to edit and to create with blocks. Balancing abstraction and familiarity while feeling cohesive within the WordPress overall ethos was the key to making it all work.

We developed an entire motion framework built to express beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom for users to create anything.

Seb Lhomme

Executive Creative Director, Thinkmojo

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