How Thinkmojo helped Calendly become the most popular scheduling app in the world.


When Founder and CEO Tope Awotona came to us, Calendly was just a simple niche productivity tool. It was loved by life-hack enthusiasts in the know, but most people had never heard of it and those who did weren't seeing what was so special. So Tope asked us to help turn this well-kept secret of an app into a mainstream sensation that everybody would 'get'.

Introducing Calendly

The first order of business was to rework the message and clarify the value around the calendar syncing approach. Working closely with their team, we first developed a set of videos for the platform's website to encourage visitors to try the revolutionary app for themselves.

Second, we reformatted the videos to work as a viral campaign on YouTube. It showed, in a very approachable way, how Calendly made it revolutionarily easy to schedule anything with the click of a button. Focusing on simplicity and ease-of-use, the tone of messaging featured warm and friendly language to win over even the most business minded corporate heads.

Calendly for Inbound Marketers
We got to help Calendly reach and convert millions of new customers, making it the most well-loved scheduling app in a crowded category that includes both Google and Microsoft.

Amy Cox – Sr Producer

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