Deploying our full video arsenal to humanize “the credit score people”.



When communicating with the masses, words matter. That’s why we decided to test  our messaging with thousands of consumers before developing the clearest, most effective message possible. The resulting video speaks for itself.
Introducing Ultra FICO

FICO World conference package.

Next, the FICO team charged us with creating fun live-action content that would be launching at their annual FICO World event. The result: a four video series highlighting how FICO could facilitate everyday purchasing experiences.

Investigates", An original series.

In collaboration with FICO's internal teams, we created “FICO Investigates” a new series of entirely original content, with stories that connect with FICO enterprise customers on a deeper, more emotional level.

Building up FICO's self-service video library.

Making the great even greater.

Today, we continue to develop content in partnership with FICO, activating video across the brand and everywhere needed to help the company solidify its hold on the market (95% of the largest banks in the US are FICO customers) and help making it the #1 Decisioning Platform in the space.

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