They needed a partner who could make complicated CRM stuff sound simple.

Crafting their video rebrand strategy.

Whenever a company changes their brand, it requires more than just a new logo and color scheme. Keap was no different. Formerly known as “Infusionsoft”, they wanted to launch their new brand across all channels - paid and organic social, programmatic advertising, and of course their homepage. To do that, they’d need video content that told their new story - which is where we came in.

Creating a story that could reach everyone.

We had two challenges: how to tell a story that would appeal to Keap’s many different user personas, but do so in a way that felt coherent and consistent with their new brand. To solve that, we created a main hero experience that told the whole story in such a way that it could be broken up into modular ads. Those could then be pushed to targeted audiences on social and paid channels, allowing Keap to hit all their marketing goals in the most efficient way possible.
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